The real Wedding


The day Jake and Jaqui announced their engagement - 11th October, 2009

Crossefisso, Monti di Villa, drawing by Brian Nunan, Jake’s grandfather.

In September our young lovers will be re-wed under the roof of the church and in the company of many of the people they love best in the world.

In the woods, on a little mulo track between Pieve di Monti di Villa and Monti di Villa, is a tiny little church that has been renovated by local craftsmen. Even the wall murals have been painted in typical village naive style with flat tempera paint. It feels ancient and part of a natural world in harmony with itself, the world simple and uncomplicated, prayers of asking, gratitude and faith, confession and forgiveness, all warm within these walls. We are not religious but feel a spiritual connection here. One feels humble in these surroundings. Outside, the castagna trees crowd around the little glade and the air is cool and moist. Deer and wild boar leave their droppings and scratchings and you can sit in the little portico of this peaceful place and come to a sense of oneness with it all. Here will be the real ceremony of vows of Jacob and Jaqueline.

Its a true and honorable thing to be so serious about spending a lifetime time together. I love it about these kids, this quest to be true to themselves all the way. Together they are weaving a dream of their choice and we hear snippets of walking on the ancient trails, of flowers and music and champagne in old gardens, and food that comes from the tradition of all Tuscan celebrations, abundant and merry. We see wisps of gown and pensive togetherness and we no longer fret that it will all be alright as they are truly happy and in the loving arms of Mikaela who has their interests at heart and is connecting their dreams into an event to remember.