Finally the wedding

The weather was warm and delicious when we awoke on Saturday morning, 11th September, 2010. Our beautiful boy, ousted from his regular nest, was with us in our apartment, the four of us crammed and disorganized, everyone trying to shower, to talk, to press the final shirts, work out cuff links, Jake feeling sick asContinue reading “Finally the wedding”

The real Wedding

Crossefisso, Monti di Villa, drawing by Brian Nunan, Jake’s grandfather. In September our young lovers will be re-wed under the roof of the church and in the company of many of the people they love best in the world. In the woods, on a little mulo track between Pieve di Monti di Villa and MontiContinue reading “The real Wedding”

A Night in the Mountains

Saturday night we stayed up in our wee cottage in Pieve di Monti di Villa. It was so beautiful. The silence was penetrating, going deep into our bones, so that after a full on week, we could feel the tiredness seeping through us, at last our bodies allowed to rest. It was so lovely toContinue reading “A Night in the Mountains”