A day on the Vespa

Thursday we took off for the day to Pietrasanta on our little Vespa. The mission, to check out the market, to meet Sollai there and to hit the beach. Yay. The Vespa is such a cuddly little thing. We cling closely together which is great because the morning is cool, as if autumn had alreadyContinue reading “A day on the Vespa”

Prato Fiorito. Field of flowers.

Prato Fiorito. Field of flowers. So beautiful. A big round bald mountain of green grass and thousands of little flowers, set in the ragged range of the Appenines. You sit up there, after some very good heart exercise climbing a little goat track to its peak, with this wonderful uninterrupted view of the world. WeContinue reading “Prato Fiorito. Field of flowers.”

A Night in the Mountains

Saturday night we stayed up in our wee cottage in Pieve di Monti di Villa. It was so beautiful. The silence was penetrating, going deep into our bones, so that after a full on week, we could feel the tiredness seeping through us, at last our bodies allowed to rest. It was so lovely toContinue reading “A Night in the Mountains”

The Cycle of Life

Summer is so beautiful at night.  All the little children are out in the park, too hot to sleep, running around the old pine trees, gentle voices murmuring on the terraces, the seagulls calling, still restless, making this mountain valley sound like the seaside.  We are back from our passegiata, the old paper factory hissingContinue reading “The Cycle of Life”

A night at Paolo’s

info We spent half a day in the studio and half a day helping Jacob paint rooms and strip layers of linoleum and carpet, all glued down, from a beautiful 19th century tiled terrazzo floor. The old lady has left her apartment, too old now and unwell, to care for herself. Our apartment is oursContinue reading “A night at Paolo’s”

A Tuscan wedding

We arrived back into Tuscany a week or so ago from a sojourn in Australia, Hong Kong and a glorious Thai island, to the surprise wedding of our eldest beautiful boy and his gorgeous Cape Verde Italian citizen girl. This wedding has been hovering on the horizon for months now, and looked like it wasContinue reading “A Tuscan wedding”

New Year 2010

The rain is falling and falling. The river is up, brown and frothing. It’s getting cold and we think it will turn to snow. It’s New Years day and we are recovering, cuddled up, watching movies and playing games. In our wee valley along the Lima river there are three little towns, like pearls onContinue reading “New Year 2010”