Our Beginnings

Twenty six years ago we came to Italy. We came young, enthusiastic, wildly idealistic and full of promise. We were going to spend the rest of our life dedicated to our art and we were going to spend it becoming great. We had met two years before in our final year at art college. WeContinue reading “Our Beginnings”

Rosi’s horse farm in the mountains

            This last weekend we went up to Rosi and Adriano’s horse farm to visit the horses and to observe a horse whisperer who had come to visit. It was a beautiful experience. The little ranch is set up in the mountains amongst the trees. Its peaceful up there. WeContinue reading “Rosi’s horse farm in the mountains”

Rome, Lago di Bracciano & Sutri

Just before the big wedding event, Mike and I found ourselves hightailing it down to Rome, to meet for a day, our dearest friends, who had come from Hong Kong for the wedding, but were first going to sojourn for a week in Rome and Sicily. Already autumn had struck our mountain area, but RomeContinue reading “Rome, Lago di Bracciano & Sutri”

The real Wedding

Crossefisso, Monti di Villa, drawing by Brian Nunan, Jake’s grandfather. In September our young lovers will be re-wed under the roof of the church and in the company of many of the people they love best in the world. In the woods, on a little mulo track between Pieve di Monti di Villa and MontiContinue reading “The real Wedding”