Golden light

It’s hot and the woods are golden in the summer light. Every evening we make our way up the mountain on the old vespa delighting in the verdant cool archway of trees over the narrow road. Pieve dei Monti di Villa is a haven, its deep mountain quiet, a complete rest after full on daysContinue reading “Golden light”

Hong Kong Philosopher’s Walk

The wind is balmy and smells odorous.  All around us, people in funny clothes are flailing their arms about and rocking their bodies to and fro.  Some strike motionless poses that slowly slowly transform into a slow-mo kung fu move. It’s dark and the lights are golden and reflecting in the swaying sea.  We smileContinue reading “Hong Kong Philosopher’s Walk”

Hong Kong and the Art Fair 2012

We are in Hong Kong.  It is hot, humid and sticky.  It is the weekend of the Hong Kong Art Fair and this last week has been full on with heaps of exhibition openings, dinners and parties.  The big boys have been moving into town, making big statements with their galleries and on the periphery,Continue reading “Hong Kong and the Art Fair 2012”

A day in Istanbul. Part 2.

Ayasofya or Hagia Sofia The day is bright outside after the mysterious dark of the Cistern and for a minute we sit soaking up the warmth of the spring time sun.  Now we are going to visit the Ayasofya across the road and we look dubiously at the long queue at the gates, but itContinue reading “A day in Istanbul. Part 2.”

One wonderful day in Istanbul. Part 1

We have one lovely day in Istanbul to do Everything.  We are up with the early morning traffic, which isn’t loud, because we have a pedestrian street outside, but there is stirring in the city and it’s too exciting to lie still.  We are up and trying out our winsey shower space and we doContinue reading “One wonderful day in Istanbul. Part 1”

Istanbul and the carpet man

Istanbul!  Magic carpets, Aladdin’s lamp, minarets, domes, turbans, spices.  Yes.  It is all here.  How wonderful to be here.  I have dreamt of this magical place forever and now here we are. On our last trip back from Hong Kong, we stopped over at the airport on our way to Venice. As we wandered aroundContinue reading “Istanbul and the carpet man”

Venice on May day weekend

Already we are leaving Italy.  It is only for a month but what a wrench.  It has stopped raining and at last the sun is shining again and the skies are filled with swooping swallows.    We are full of joy when we see the swallows.  They never seem to touch the ground, finding theirContinue reading “Venice on May day weekend”

Spring in Tuscany

Lime green bursting from their buds.  Every day out in the garden, hard to stay indoors where the shadows are still cold and the massive stone walls still breath out the damp.  As the sun hits our patch of earth we dart in and out of the studio, loathe to miss its seductive warmth.  ButContinue reading “Spring in Tuscany”

From Hong Kong to Italy

We are in bella Italia.  Our little mountain house in Pieve dei Monti di Villa with its new roof and new fireplace is as snug as a cave.  Cosying up at night on the big fat cushy lounge, watching the flames crackle and lick up the chimney, toasting a wonderful life with local red wineContinue reading “From Hong Kong to Italy”