Lord Byron’s Villa Webb in Bagni di Lucca

entrance to the Villa Webb

Today after another wonderful lunch at the Borghesi restaurant, ravioli arrabiata, verdura sformata, insalata mista, mezzo litro di vino rosso, some tough grainy bread and a cafe simplice, Shona and I were whisked off in the rain to see the Villa Webb. It is a spectacular Villa built in the 16th century, where Lord Byron spent the summer of 1822. We were there to view the massive rooms in order to put together a concept for a contemporary art space. The rooms are massive with 5 – 6 meter high ceilings, and the building is in great condition. Main rooms stretching some 15 by 9 paces, cotto floors, grand staircase leading to the second floor of equally sized room. Off these main rooms and in the attic are rooms large enough to house good studios, accommodation, conferences etc. There is an ancient garden, now over grown with a forest of bamboo on the second level. The ancient plans show a classic garden surrounded by vines now all overgrown. So many times we are shown villas which are so run down, the energy would be massive to make any effect. Villa Webb, however, is ready to go, just waiting for the right creative mix to bring it back to life.

villa Webb with ancient baths in the background
main staircase
massive main room
ancient kitchen
ancient plans

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  1. bagnidilucca says:

    This place is fabulous! What a great idea to have an art space there. I hope it happens. Keep up the good work.

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