New Year 2010

The rain is falling and falling. The river is up, brown and frothing. It’s getting cold and we think it will turn to snow. It’s New Years day and we are recovering, cuddled up, watching movies and playing games.

In our wee valley along the Lima river there are three little towns, like pearls on a string, all called by their localities, but overall, called Bagni di Lucca. We are in the little locality in the middle called Ponte a Serraglio, home to thermal springs and baths and beautiful old villas and the original casino from the 1850’s. Last night, on the stroke of midnight our local bar opened its doors for the celebrations. Italians love to eat and it is way more important to eat than to drink so the previous few hours had been spent eating, in fact gorging, on huge feasts, and only after this is done can any party begin. So down to the bar we totter at 12.30, to find the bar is packed full and surging to wild 80’s and 90’s music with a bit of Copacabana chucked in. We squeeze in, kiss a lot of people, twice for the Italians, 3 times for the Dutch and Swiss and just once for us Aussies. Hosted and owned by tall lanky and very charismatic Paolo Citti, people are always attracted to his festivities, so tonight it is all we can do to move to the beat, it is shoulder to shoulder, and perilous to take a drink. At 5am it is still going and now at 5.30 in the afternoon the little town is still asleep.


This photo taken a few days before Christmas, in Ponte a Serraglio, when it was snowing.


  1. Helen Kelly says:

    hey!!! Happy New Year! I hardly ever look at websites. and i am so glad I ran into Zoe Amore at Togs this morning and she mentioned your website as a good one to look at. We were lamenting our abilites to put the effort into our own sites and needing some inspiration… and it has led me to your gorgeous blog. It is great to see photos of you and where you live. Your studio space looks amazing. I will look forward to reading about what you are up to – love and best wishes to you and your sons! – Helen ps I have seen Lea a couple of times since she has been back in teh Maine. have not had a good catch up tho…

    1. shona says:

      Hey Helen – so sorry, I didn’t get to see your response to the blog earlier. I’m a bit of a slow coach on all this stuff!! But also we were traveling for a couple of months so not really linked up to the internet. Back home now and looking forward to summer. Hope you are well – Jake is here in Italy so will send him your regards. All the best and catch up with you next time we are in OZ. Shona

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