back from Rome

So we are back from Roma long enough to get my head together to write. The first day was that normal sort of thing you do in Rome. Find the closest car park, 4 train stops from your hotel, feed the meter 3 days worth of coins and head for the hotel. Forget spacious, soft beds, edible breakfasts…..

The queue for the Vatican museo was short I am told, stretching around only three corners, still it moved quickly, a chance to chat with other eager tourists or a spot of tourists watching – we were in soon enough.
Huge massive, wonderful things of the past.
The map room was a bit of a favourite, I love seeing how people once viewed their world, found our old town, unnamed, but there.
The Sistine chapel is great and I take my hat off to the sculptor, but I am not with the masses, all tuna-ed into that majestic space, placing this artwork on the ultimate of art pedestals. It is great. I especially love the way he seems to throw it all away towards the end, getting loose and carefree.

on the way to the Sistine chapel

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